Overseas Missions -Tikanga Pakeha Council (OM-TP) previously known as TPMC

The Anglican Missions Board enables the three tikanga Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, in a spirit of partnership, to share in the global dimension of Christ’s mission of proclaiming the Gospel, nurturing believers, responding to human need, transforming society and caring for creation.

Each of the three tikanga have their own Missions Council which supports the work of the Anglican Missions Board. 

The Overseas Missions -Tikanga Pakeha Council (OM-TP) previously known as TPMC, consists of:

  • One voting representative from each of the seven Pakeha Dioceses
  • The National Association of Anglican Women Overseas and Outreach Chairperson
  • A representative from the House of Bishops
  • The Chief Executive Officer of the Anglican Missions Board
  • The Church Support Officer of the Anglican Missions Board

TPMC meets four times annually; two Face to Face meetings in various Dioceses and two Video Conference meetings. 

TPMC elects its own Chairperson and secretary for a period of two years.  The next election is due in 2018.

The Council seeks to:

  1. Engage in dialogue, prayer and mutual support across the Pakeha Dioceses
  2. Be a place where they can be supportive of initiatives taken by the various Dioceses, or as Tikanga acting together in seeking funding from the Anglican Missions Board for particular overseas mission projects or short-term mission trips.
  3. Be a place where each Diocesan Overseas Mission group can bring ideas and concerns for discussion, and share and access resources, supporting the overseas mission of this Church.
  4. Assist discussion through the various constituent groups regarding the vision of the Anglican Missions Board as it serves the Church.
  5. Be accountable to the Anglican Missions Board for any projects that TPMC seeks funding for from requests received.
  6. Raise the profile of Anglican Missions within Dioceses and parishes, by stimulating and initiating discussion with Bishops, Clergy, Parish Mission Motivators and others.