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  • Mission Tip #6

    By Mike Hawke 26 June 2014

    We all love a story. Jesus was the greatest of story tellers. That's why its good for Mission Motivators to have a regular spot in the service (say on the first Sunday of every month) to tell a story related to overseas mission and Anglican Missions. I have just read a report from Malcolm Pease of Taranaki who has just returned from Fiji where he was working with one of the villages (Vucivuci) as part of the Water for All project for 2014... more»
    Motivate your Parish by Telling Mission Stories
  • Mission Tip #5

    By Emma Gallagher 25 March 2014

    Connecting with a project is a great way to focus your giving to missions. At Anglican Missions, all the grants we give to our Partners are divided into projects. Projects can range from a water tank for a Church Community in Fiji, to a Mission Partner in Tanzania. 1. Read about the projects for 2014. The projects section on our website breaks down our grants for 2014 into the partners we are supporting, then the projects for those partners. Have a read through... more»
    Connect your Parish by supporting Mission Projects
  • Mission Tip #4

    By Emma Gallagher 28 November 2013

    Each Diocese sets a Diocesan Missions Target at their Synod for how much they would like to donate to Missions in the coming year. Is that all that needs to happen to achieve money for missions and supporting those in need overseas? Not at all. And everyone can do something to help!
    Set your own Smart Missions Target
  • Mission Tip #3

    By Emma Gallagher 23 July 2013

    The most important thing you can do as a supporter of missions is to continue to be inspired. Here are a few easy ideas on how to boost your inspiration over the next few months. 1. Go to a Missions Festival. These are free/koha events that our Church Support Officer, Rev Mike Hawke, is organising with your local Diocesan Missions Group. Christchurch and Waikato & Taranaki Festivals were earlier this year.. more»
    Four Ways to Get Inspired
  • Mission Tip #2

    Probably the best way we know for a Parish or Church group to get connected with overseas mission and to get excited about Jesus call to “GO” - is to just do it! To GO with a Mission Team - on a well organised “Short Term Mission” with an overseas partner. Here are 5 reasons why your Parish or Youth group should think about organising a Mission Team visit to one of our Partners... more»
    Go on a Mission!
  • Mission Tip #1

    By Canon Robert Kereopa 25 February 2013

    If you are a lone Missions voice in your Parish and feel like the Missions effort is floundering try establishing a Global Missions Team for your Parish. There are many advantages to having a GMT, not the least of which is the possibility of sharing the workload. Here are 7 more advantages. 1. A GMT can pray together for the Global Mission of the Church at all levels, whether local, provincial or across the communion... more»
    Establish a Global Missions Team (GMT) for your Parish