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Mission Talk

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  • Seddon Parish Fundraises for Missions

    When I was in the Marlborough district last month, I was fascinated to see how the Seddon Parish raises funds for Missions while providing a civic service at the same time. They collect Rubbish for more»
  • Mission Tip #2

    Probably the best way we know for a Parish or Church group to get connected with overseas mission and to get excited about Jesus call to “GO” - is to just do it! To GO with a Mission Team - on a well organised “Short Term Mission” with an overseas partner. Here are 5 reasons why your Parish or Youth group should think about organising a Mission Team visit to one of our Partners... more»
    Go on a Mission!
  • Mission Tip #1

    By Canon Robert Kereopa 25 February 2013

    If you are a lone Missions voice in your Parish and feel like the Missions effort is floundering try establishing a Global Missions Team for your Parish. There are many advantages to having a GMT, not the least of which is the possibility of sharing the workload. Here are 7 more advantages. 1. A GMT can pray together for the Global Mission of the Church at all levels, whether local, provincial or across the communion... more»
    Establish a Global Missions Team (GMT) for your Parish