Diocese of Polynesia - 2018 Projects

The impact of the assistance provided by the Anglican Missions in the community is immeasurable. The Diocese of Polynesia is actively engaged in improving the welfare of its community through a number of initiatives. Sustainability is a key focus of the church’s programme, both for itself and those it is working with. The Diocese encompasses 4 Pacific countries: Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga as well as 4 parishes in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Your support for any of the following Projects will go a long way to enable the church to achieve it’s goals.

Anglican Missions is supporting 3 specific projects in 2018 –

  • House of Sarah – Sarah Carers referrals NZ$20,000
  • Water for All – providing water tanks for 6 communities in the Vanua Levu and Taveuni Episcopal Unit NZ$33,000
  • Mission Support (for clergy), with a focus on evangelism and discipleship NZ$57,000


Partnership Projects

New and On-Going Projects



  • Completed in 2017

    In Fiji the Diocese of Polynesia is assisting over 200 people of Melanesian or Indian descent, many of whom are children, who are facing the threat of eviction. The Diocese of Polynesia has been working hard for a number of years to identify ways to secure the land and negotiations with landowners and the Government continue. After working on raising funds since 2010 it is hoped that the land can be purchased this year enabling a long-term sustainable community to be developed. more»
    Landless People
  • Not being funded by us this year

    Anglicare Polynesia is a social service agency which is being developed to provide welfare services throughout the diocese including assistance during natural disasters, to those living in poverty, dealing with HIV/AIDs, as well as in the area of community development. more»
    Anglicare Polynesia
  • Support in 2017

    The Diocese of Polynesia has been active in providing welfare services to the Church and wider community for many years. The House of Sarah began as a project of the Association of Anglican Women (AAW). It was officially opened by the late Archbishop Jabez Bryce in December 2009 and has developed since then into an organisation that not only provides local support through counselling and workshops but extends its work to an educational focus throughout the Pacific. more»
    House of Sarah
  • Completed in 2017

    A new project for 2017 is water tanks for Kasavu and Cawaira which are both located in Vanua Levu. more»
    Water tanks for Cawaira & Kasavu
  • 2017 project

    The Diocese of Polynesia in Fiji began planning in 2016 to establish a Drop-In Centre for the young victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). The Drop-In Centre will offer a safe refuge for these children to begin the process of healing and restoration. It is important that this project is sustainable and work is continuing on planning phase over 2017. more»
    Children's Drop-In Centre, Suva, Fiji
  • Continuing Support in 2018

    The Anglican Church in Polynesia has 26 parishes spread over 4 countries – Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga as well as 4 parishes in New Zealand. In Fiji each parish has a number of more»
    Mission Support
  • Support is no longer required

    Projects that have been completed in the Diocese of Polynesia. These projects no longer require support but you can find out more about them. more»
    Finished Projects